Formula 1: Against The Odds

Turn One Teammates

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In response to a question from the floor in the Post-Qualifying press conference, Lewis Hamilton replied:

“You can’t win the race in the first corner, you have to get around and be safe and bring it home. So that’s going to be my target.”

I wonder whether his teammate will feel the same? Fernando Alonso must know that if he is to win this race and take back some of the momentum within the team then he must do something early.  If he waits until after the pit stops then there is no chance that Ron Dennis will allow him to pressurize Hamilton.

Alonso has always been a fast starter, over the previous years honing his skills to maximize the famed Renault starting prowess. The start at Montreal saw him get away from the front-row faster than his teammate and given the opportunity he wasn’t afraid to attack.  That time it never paid off, perhaps unsurprisingly given that he was attempting to go round the outside of such a tight turn.

Indianapolis however, presents a different opportunity. A good start for Alonso and the long run down the pit straight will give him the inside line in to turn one.  Indeed we saw Felipe Massa pass Michael Schumacher in the same circumstances here last year. From the front, Alonso can dictate the race and I can’t see him passing up the opportunity if it arises.

Betting on the outcome of just one corner is a little risky so I will keep my stakes small.  However I do feel that there is some value in the 4.3 at Betfair for Alonso to lead after the first lap.


Written by f1punter

June 16, 2007 at 11:56 pm

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