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No Safety Car in Sepang

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I have to admit that I have been lining this up for a while and when I saw that 6/5 was available about a no show I was delighted. Sepang is a huge wide track with incredibly generous gravel traps and run-off areas. Even in the event of a multi-car smash the resulting debris is usually well clear of the racing line and can be dealt with under waved-yellows. This is borne out by the fact that there has been no safety car in Malaysia for six years.

There are two things that have prevented me from placing this bet though. Firstly, there is the number of incidents last week that are in part being attributed to the new rules. In truth I am not overly concerned about this, believing that safety car appearances are much more related to individual tracks rather than the drivers or cars, however it is playing on my mind.

Secondly, and far more crucially, is the weather. All reports and forecasts that I have read are predicting rain. This clearly heightens the chance of incidents and critically the potential for incidents to occur in unusual places. Last time we saw a Safety Car here in 2001 it was as a direct result of the inclement conditions. Here is the quote from the official FIA race comments:

Lap 4: With the track deluged by rain many drivers spin off. Villeneuve, Bernoldi, Montoya and Nick Heidfeld all go off and are not able to continue. Both Trulli and Coulthard spin and Barrichello has a second off. A Safety Car is despatched and the race placed under caution.

Weather.com are predicting a 60% chance of precipitation on race day. That is enough for me to decide to keep my powder dry. If come the time of the race, the threat of rain has retreated completely and the 6/5 is still available, then I will probably look to get involved.


Written by f1punter

March 20, 2008 at 3:35 pm

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