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Fastest Lap: Buy The Field!

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Sporting Index has an interesting approach to the Fastest Lap market. Rather than produce a quote for every driver, they price up the main protagonists [in their opinion] and then group the remaining thirteen drivers as ‘the field’.

I definitely think that a case can be made for buying the field at three (maximum make-up of eighty-five).

Of course it is usually the case that the big name drivers dominate this market, but at the peculiarity that is the Circuit de Monaco and with the threat of rain and the chaos that it is sure to invoke hanging over the race, having thirteen cars running for me certainly appeals. A closer look also reveals that there is no reason why this can’t pay even if the race follows the least eventful script tomorrow.

Nico Rosberg announced his arrival in Formula One by setting the fastest lap on his debut. So far this weekend he has looked to have a control over his Williams that is nothing short of masterful. His Q2 time today was the fourth fastest lap that we have seen around the circuit all weekend. Felipe Massa managed to go faster twice (in Q1 and in Q2) and Lewis Hamilton bettered it once (FP2). No one else on the above list has gone faster at any time.

Mark Webber is a driver who clearly relishes the challenges of the principality. He has both a race and qualifying podium to his name already and was the fourth fastest-lapper in 2006 (Fernando Alonso went just nine one-thousandths of a second quicker). Critically though the Australian is capable of setting fast laps in the wet. At last season’s rain-soaked Japanese Grand Prix he set the third fastest race lap and back in 2005 only Ralf Schumacher went faster around a wet Spa-Francochamps.

Jarno Trulli – known for his one lap pace if not his race-craft – set the second fastest lap around here on his way to victory in 2004. Jenson Button shouldn’t be completely ruled out if circumstances conspire in his favour.

I admit that it is a speculative bet, but that is reflected in the price. Is it asking too much for those seven named drivers to trip over each other at Sainte Dévote!


Written by f1punter

May 24, 2008 at 8:36 pm

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