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Red Bull Return In Qualifying

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Red BullsSaturdays in 2010 have been all about one team. Although Lewis Hamilton may have taken pole position last time out in Canada, Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel still managed second and third on the grid, despite opting to qualify on the harder compound tyre. For me, that is hardly a crashing fall from the the form that has seen them dominate Q3 so far this season; taking all of the previous seven pole positions. Continue reading…


On The Button In Turkey

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ButtonIt has been a testing week. I entered it knowing exactly how I wanted to play things, by backing Massa to outpoint Alonso before the media previews drew attention to his record around the Turkish circuit. Unfortunately with so few firms pricing up the head-to-heads early and so little liquidity on Betfair, by Thursday I had decided to cancel my unmatched bets and sit things out until the race. Alonso failing to make Q2 – a surprise to me – Continue reading…

Alonso Gamble In Monte Carlo

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MonacoThe starting point for any Monaco GP betting is the Safety Car. Not only its appearance, but the influence that it will have on the race. One common mistake that people make is assuming that the Safety Car is omnipresent at Monaco. In fact it has only been deployed seven times in the last twelve years and in just five of those twelve races. Continue reading…

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May 16, 2010 at 11:10 am

First Lap Carnage in Catalunya

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Circuit de CatalunyaThe old adage states that you can’t win the race at the first corner, but you can lose it. With the prospect of a processional race ahead of them, I just wonder how many drivers will remember this tomorrow. We are reaching that point where establishing supremacy both within your team and with your rivals can set the tone for the rest of season. Will some drivers think that it is time to gamble? Continue reading…

Fuelled To The Finish

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Felipe MassaOne of the most intriguing rule changes for the 2010 has been the ban on refuelling. At first glance that would seem to indicate nothing more than shorter, simpler pit-stops and the increased challenge for the driver of handling a car with a massively different weight profile throughout the race.

Closer inspection reveals some technical challenges too, Continue reading…

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March 12, 2010 at 6:24 pm

The Return Of Felipe Massa

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Felipe MassaLast year was a bad one for Felipe Massa. Having finished 2008 coming so close to the championship and in the course of doing so, shown terrific humility and sportsmanship, he had every right to be excited about 2009. Unfortunately for the Brazilian, the combination of the worst Ferrari for years and a horrific accident put paid to his hopes. Continue reading…

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March 4, 2010 at 10:25 pm

Pre-season Testing: Winners and Losers

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The old adage states that analysis of lap times from pre-season is meaningless; set on unknown levels of fuel, without scrutineering and in the pursuit of unclear objectives. Yet despite this, it is only natural that we try to rationalise what we see happening. The internet has been buzzing for the last few weeks with coverage and discussion about individual driver and team’s performances at the three Spanish facilities Continue reading…