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On The Button In Turkey

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ButtonIt has been a testing week. I entered it knowing exactly how I wanted to play things, by backing Massa to outpoint Alonso before the media previews drew attention to his record around the Turkish circuit. Unfortunately with so few firms pricing up the head-to-heads early and so little liquidity on Betfair, by Thursday I had decided to cancel my unmatched bets and sit things out until the race. Alonso failing to make Q2 – a surprise to me – Continue reading…


First Lap Carnage in Catalunya

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Circuit de CatalunyaThe old adage states that you can’t win the race at the first corner, but you can lose it. With the prospect of a processional race ahead of them, I just wonder how many drivers will remember this tomorrow. We are reaching that point where establishing supremacy both within your team and with your rivals can set the tone for the rest of season. Will some drivers think that it is time to gamble? Continue reading…

China: A Red Revolution?

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One week later and we are in the familiar position of having Hamilton and Raikkonen together on the front row, facing a drag down to turn one. Surely Hamilton will favour caution this time around? However with Bet365 having slashed their prices and the track layout not as favourable, betting on Raikkonen to lead after the first lap is not attractive as it was in Japan. Continue reading…

Flying Finn to lead after First Lap in Fuji

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Ron Dennis gave an interesting interview to ITV-F1 prior to qualifying. When asked about the team’s strategy for Lewis Hamilton this weekend, the McLaren CEO was quite clear: they would be aggressive for qualifying, cautious for the first few laps of the race – where the cost of a lost front wing is so high – and then race tactically until the finish. Continue reading…

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October 11, 2008 at 2:39 pm